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The Sandler Selling System Fall Bootcamp

The Buyer - Seller Dance Stops Here, Stops Now

Tired of all the non-productive behaviour, misleading commitments and lack of response from prospects?

The Solution Sales Fall Bootcamp Program is a series of three high velocity half-day immersive workshops for sales pro's looking for fast track access to the world recognized Sandler Selling System. Discover how the Sandler sales approach sets you above your competition. Complement your current sales approach with the non-conventional, no pressure conversational style of the 7 Step Sandler Selling System. Learn how your current strategies and techniques maybe counter-productive to your growth and success.

Note: This program qualifies for COJG reimbursement (up to 85% of the total program fee), while funding lasts.


What's it all about?



If you're an ambitious sales professional, eager to grow and open to challenging the stereotypical sales paradigm then you may qualify for this exclusive program. Group size is limited to 12 participants in order to maximize interaction with your Sandler consultant.

The "real" deal - NOT theory

You'll deal with those sales career killing issues like .....

  • Unpaid consulting ... like coughing up all your knowledge for free with no sale resulting
  • Disappointment over those exciting deals that fade out
  • Frustration over supposedly interested buyers who run, hide and disappear
  • Getting in front of the right players in order to score
  • All the stalls and objections gatekeepers, influencers and decision makers put in the way
  • Creative commitment avoidance - "Maybe" "Need to think it over" "Leave it with me"

What you'll learn

You'll learn the Sandler no pressure 7-step conversational selling system that breaks the pattern of behaviour buyers and decision makers use to control sales people.

  • You'll learn how to ....

    Get in front of more true decision makers

    Apply advanced communication techniques and psychology to size up, relate to and build trust quickly with decision makers

    Create and tailor your sales message to better engage and capture prospect interest

    Qualify by disqualifying ..... if you're going to lose, lose early and fast

    Apply advanced Negative Reverse Selling questioning strategies to expose your prospects' "true" hidden buying intentions

    Close up front, BEFORE delivering demos and generating quotes and proposals

    Shift your prospecting reliance from cold calls to a conversational referral process

    STOP selling and ..... actually sell MORE



The Sandler Selling System Fall Bootcamp program is $2750/person payable by VISA or cheque. If you are an employee of an Ontario headquartered company, your company may be eligible for COJG reimbursement of a minimum of 2/3 of your fee. Contact us for details (While funding lasts).


WARNING: The contrarian Sandler Selling System is 180 degrees opposite traditional solutions based approaches and counters conventional selling theory.