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What is a Sales Driven Organization?

True Market Leaders go beyond simply depending on traditional product, price or brand leadership in order to win. They place comparable emphasis on non-traditional SALES ADVANTAGE ..... the ability of the sales organization to outperform the competition and win in the absence of traditional product, price, or brand advantage.


Ask Yourself ...... Is MY company go to market strategy based upon leverage of traditional sources of advantage?

  1. PRODUCT advantage?
  2. PRICE advantage?
  3. BRAND advantage?

Key Elements of Sales Advantage


  • Personal Presence
  • Credibility
  • Engage - Qualify - Commit


  • Behaviours
  • Competencies
  • Attitudes - Beliefs


  • Selling Methodology
  • Sales Management System
  • Sales Talent Acquisition - Onboarding
  • Sales Performance Management


  • Source of Advantage (Product - Price - Brand - Sales)
  • Complexity of Sales Cycle
  • Length of Sales Cycle
  • Demand Fulfillment versus Demand Generation (Farming vs Hunting)


  • Accountability
  • Failing Forward and Continuous Improvement
  • Relational versus hierarchical

Building Sustainable Sales Advantage

  1. Starts with an informed understanding (Assessment) of the GAP between the Sales VISION and sales reality
  2. Appropriate commitment of resources (Time, Money, Effort)
  3. Clear and complete communication of the sales VISION up front
  4. Establishment of the required STRUCTURE components to support - sustain desired changes in sales execution
  5. Alignment of STAFF to demands of sales roles
  6. Training and development of sales and management SKILLS (Behaviours - Attitudes - Techniques)
  7. Continues with follow-up GAP Re-Assessment and advancement of VISION