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Could this be the end of selling as we know it?

Selling & Managing Through Difficult Times

Selling + Managing Remotely

Four Part Series

* Part 1 – 3/31 -How To Succeed at Selling Remotely
* Part 2 – 4/2 – How to Succeed at Learning Remotely
* Part 3 – 4/9 – How to Succeed at Managing Remotely
* Part 4 – 4/16 – How to Succeed at Selling in a Bear Market


Behaviours - Attitude - Techniques

Client Intimacy in a Crisis

Join a conversation with Bill Morrison, Managing Director - Sandler Corporate Training in EMEA, and Brian Sullivan, VP - Sandler Enterprise Selling, discussing current conditions in sales. What can you do? Utilize client intimacy to connect and maintain relationships in these difficult times to amplify your value and serve your clients.


Mindfulness Training - April 2: 3:30EDT Live 30 min. Webinar

Join a Certified Business Mindfulness + Meditation Expert, and author of “Next Level You”, Oksana Esberard, as she helps support our mental and emotional health during these challenging times. The daily practice of mindfulness has medically proven to lower the stress response within the body and activate, restore, and repair immune functions, which help fight off viruses and disease.

Getting YOUR sales team battle ready for the fight back to profitability

Your strategy for the New Selling World

The current temporary pause in business activity provides an opportunity for real sales leaders to re-assess market conditions and build the strategy to channel scarce resources into highest priority, margin growing territory initiatives.

Follow Brian Sullivan, VP Sandler Enterprise Selling, as he walks you through the process in this free 1 hr Sandler Virtual Training Workshop and take away real tools you can apply in your company and across your sales team.

  • Re-evaluate your legacy sales plan and segmentation models for relevancy in the new selling world
  • Revisit and re-target highest margin building accounts
  • Redeploy investment KEEPING - ATTAINING - RECAPTURING - EXPANDING highest margin targets 
  • Reset your Sales Plan for the fight back to profitability


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