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Sales AboutFACE, Inc. | Ottawa, ON

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What we do…

Our expertise lies in helping small technology firms from around the world navigate the challenges of moving from being a startup to a successful business.

Let’s see how we can help you…

We assist with:

  • FundingStrategy
  • Pivots
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Entrepreneurial Talent Acquisition
  • Technology Development


Susan Anglin, MBA, PMP

Susan Anglin is a talented business executive and consultant who enjoys assisting small businesses to achieve their next level of greatness. Before turning to more entrepreneurial endeavours, Susan directed a large revenue portfolio with annual sales of over $500 Million at one of Canada’s largest corporations, Canada Post. She has developed visionary solutions that were instrumental in sealing strong business relationships with Apple, FedEx, Purolator, Wal-Mart, Capital One and MBNA, and she’s managed brand and revenue portfolios for top brands including CorelDraw!, Corel MegaGALLERY, and Canada Post Parcels. Susan holds a BBA, an International MBA, and is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional). Susan lives in Ottawa, Canada, and in her free time enjoys exploring the beautiful wilderness that Canada has to offer.

David Hayes BSc., MBA-ITM, Exec-MBA, APMR, ITIL

David Hayes is highly motivated and experienced innovation leader. He is a founder, investor, global technology executive and leader in multiple technologies. He brings an astute eye as to how to be successful with innovation. Experience includes Technology Brokering in 43 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Middle East, The Americas, Western and Eastern Europe.
David has launched upwards of 120 technology and consumer-oriented products. Previous roles include Global Vice President of Corel, WordPerfect, CorelDraw, Linux OS, Paint, Marketing and Sales pedigree from Bristol Myers Squibb, Glaxo and Gravol. Experience includes CEO and COO at International Security, SnapClarity, Technology Brokers International.
David is the founder of the following technology companies including Zivex, Ultrapreneur, TBI, OctaPoint, Japkin, International Security IS, DAJH-TECK, Green Water, eCoachHealth, Haggle Now, Prodigious Energy, and Shatter Tech.
Over the years, David has helped generate $4.2 Billion in revenue with 125 client companies, specifically with software, Software as a Service (SaaS), selling companies and corporate divisions on the open market, launching innovative technologies and assisting in 26 company turnarounds/pivots.

David resides in Ottawa, Canada with his dream family. He is involved in community events, charities, fundraising, philanthropy and political and community activism.