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Sales AboutFACE, Inc. | Ottawa, ON

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Winning, Growing and Retaining Major Accounts

The SalesDriver Executive Breakfast Series

May 10, 2018

(Sorry not for salespeople)

Fee: $150

100% of fees donated to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation for Mental Health

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Sandler Executive Training Centre

Wednesday November 22, 7:30am – 9:30am   |   Collabspace 70 Bongard Ave, Ottawa

  • Why you should attend:

    You are a CEO, Vice President of Sales - Chief Sales Officer fielding a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in the pursuit of long-term, complex enterprise business. Driving continuous improvement in win rate and reducing cost of sales are high on your executive agenda.

  • What you will leave with:

    A model for enterprise account management including the six stages of enterprise selling.

    A template for enterprise account classification.

    The TOP 3 Opportunity Planner - Complete your executive assessment of your team's TOP pursuits currently in play

    A soft copy of "Sandler Enterprise Selling .... Winning, Growing and Retaining Major Accounts"

Tired of the wheels falling off?

Are you tired of the wheels falling off promising deals after 12 – 18 months of effort and failed commitments to stakeholders and investors? IF you’re open to exploring enterprise scale tools and practices proven to:

  • better orchestrate multi-disciplined pursuit team resources for success and
  • leverage enterprise wins into a stream of high margin opportunities on into the future

then register now!

Easy & Immediate Application

A template for enterprise account classification, strategy development and investment allocation you can easily and immediately apply within your existing account management system

TOP - Three Opportunity Planner

This and the other 12 tools are integral to effective execution of the six stages of enterprise selling).

Use the TOP 3 Opportunity Planner to complete your executive assessment of strategic pursuits currently in play. Test the depth your team’s customer value proposition and action plans for each deal. Adjust accordingly. Improve win rate.

Sandler Enterprise Selling

 A soft copy edition of our book, “Sandler Enterprise Selling …. Winning, Growing and Retaining Major Accounts”

This latest Sandler book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

Don't wait for the wheels to fall off...

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