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The Sales Driver Survey

The Sandler Success Model helps tap into your as yet under-utilized potential. If you truly want to excel in life (Business and Personal), take the B-A-T Self-Survey. You'll discover important, relevant priorities in three strategic and highly inter-related areas.

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Three Key Enablers


Behaviour is all the selling activity we do and are involved in each day. We’re speaking of productive activities, that is time with people who have issues, challenges, frustrations, un-realized opportunities that we can help with and be paid accordingly.Behaviour starts with our goals and aspirations. Behaviour includes how we act in any given situation. Do our actions move us toward our goals and aspirations or are they counter-productive to progress and achievement?


Is our attitude toward life (Business and Personal) one of Abundance - Possibility - Advancement toward our goals and aspirations. Is our attitude in life (Business and Personal) one of Scarcity - Limitation - Aversion? Our attitudes drive our behaviours each day. Are our attitudes enabling or inhibiting our everyday behaviours and actions and defeating the best of our goal intentions?


Applying non-conventional, contrarian sales TECHNIQUES, we differentiate ourselves from the typical salesperson and establish buyer trust quickly and effectively. We break the pattern of behaviour exhibited by buyers when engaged with sales people. Buyers most often hold their cards to the close to the chest, steal all our information and expertise, lead us into thinking we'll be doing business and then run, hide, disappear, fail to respond to our sales follow-up when it comes time for a decision. The top sales pro's follow a system and set of techniques that break that pattern of buyer behaviour, driven by an ATTITUDE of abundance and equal business stature with buyers.


Sales Driver Survey

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