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Sales AboutFACE, Inc. | Ottawa, ON

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Driving lasting sales growth for ambitious Canadian companies

Our "WHY"

We believe that EVERY sales person has untapped, under leveraged potential. We believe that there are really only SOME who truly want to realize that potential. We believe in challenging the comfort zone, breaking through limitations, and pushing the outer boundaries of performance. Your success as a sales team or an individual is our source of passion and energy.

The "How"

We change the way salespeople see their world. We challenge their beliefs and perspectives on what's possible. Sales actions and behaviours change to conform with new beliefs or the individual's beliefs evolve to conform with new actions and behaviours. Salespeople realize their true performance potantial. We use behavioural science to predict, in advance of training, those most likely to realize their potential, delivering maximum ROI on your development investment. Right level of investment in the right people for the right reasons.

The "What"

Sales Performance Optimization

We help President's, CEOs, Senior Sales Leaders who also believe in challenging the status quo in the unconditional pursuit of ongoing performance improvement.

We're not a traditional sales "training" company limited to delivering two and three day seminars. It's about immediate impact. It's also about lasting impact, long-term sustainable growth and ultimately increasing your business valuation. Unlike a traditional sales seminar training company, driven by workshop participant economics, we go deeper and wider to first expose and then address the underlying, hidden limitations in STRUCTURE - STAFF - SKILLS that are impeding execution of your sales driven growth strategy.


Sales AboutFace flips the traditional sales paradigm resulting in sustainable net new revenue growth while challenging legacy sales and management practices found to be the underlying causes of:

  • Erosion of stakeholder - investor confidence due to lack of business predictability, slippage in customer decisions
  • Sales hire misfire resulting in high turnover, revenue opportunity cost and escalating sales operating expense
  • Failure of the sales force and customer care team to execute corporate strategy
  • Mediocrity and complacency across the sales organization
  • Unintentional waste of company resources throughout the sales pursuit, with no business in return .... "unpaid consulting"

Professional Development for Individuals, Professionals & Solo Practitioners

If you happen to be one of those unique individuals, highly committed to your performance advancement & financial success we have a special place in our hearts and our programs for you. Contact us to find out if you would qualify for our PRESIDENTS CLUB sales development program.

Bootcamps and Workshops

Maybe you're simply looking for that half day - two day workshop targeting a specific skill or sales challenge. We'll draw from our 1000 + combined hours of curriculum for sales, front-line customer care, sales management and leadership development to rapid tailor a program specific to your corporate learning objectives.

Managing Partner

Spanning his 25+ year career in the professional sales consulting, training and performance development field, Terry Ledden has helped Software, IT, Transportation, Manufacturing, Telecom, Professional Services organizations drive significant and sustainable sales improvement.

In the early 2000's Terry turned his back on the traditional sales training industry operating on volume sales seminar delivery. His Sales AboutFace team works only with corporations and senior sales producers who have an unconditional commitment to sales growth and are willing to challenge the status quo in the interest of results.

Barbara Ariss

Barb brings to her clients 15+ years of professional customer care, sales and sales management experience within the telecom end-user environment..

Her past experience as a client care professional within the complex business to business telecom systems environment combined with her management background provides her clients with real input into the development of their front line customer support teams.

Sell Now - Educate Later

Sandler Ottawa Executive Breakfast Workshop Series .... for Presidents, Owners, Senior Sales VPs

Connect with us

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Sandler Books

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.

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