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Terry Ledden

Implementing a well designed “selling system” brings more control into the selling environment and with control comes increased exposure and accountability on the part of the sales force to execute against a set of predetermined strategies and behaviours.

An email webinar promo for lawyers just crossed my desktop and the opening line reminded me of that old joke about a lawyer and a salesperson crossing the road. How do you tell the difference?

A summary of Terry Ledden's address at the international Sandler Client Summit in Orlando, Florida, Feb 14 - 15, 2013. Many organizations struggle to achieve the changes in behaviour necessary to execute their plans and strategies. Terry presents best practices to drive the velocity and sustainability of change.

An article by LA (Leslie Anne) Palamar - Sandler Associate, about some of the challenges and obstacles sales producers face when it comes to Cold Calling.

Terry Ledden defines the role of a professional business to business sales person and several career benefits for graduates considering a sales career,

In a sales negotiation, who exactly are you dealing with across the table? The average buyer or the chainsaw wielding savvy buyer? Have you fallen victim to typical tough tactics of the savvy buyer? Let's look at the attributes and behaviours of the average buyer and actions truly savvy buyers take to turn up the heat on the seller.

Three great reasons to never, ever consider a career in sales

5 tips to help sales leaders to make their sales team more effective on LinkedIn.

When the time comes for an open, honest conversation about investment, sales people too often find themselves caught in a game show like situation with the prospect as the host and the salesperson-contestant attempting to guess which door, sealed envelope or case opens to the treasure hidden within.

While there are several factors that contribute to success in the sales arena, there are five things you must have in order to maximize your potential and the results you achieve.