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by Terry Ledden

An email webinar promo directed at lawyers just crossed my desktop and the opening line reminded me of an old joke about how to tell the difference between a lawyer and a salesperson.  In fact, there is no difference between lawyers and ethical, credible sales people.

Here’s the opening line of the email promo: “A great argument is the mark of a top-notch trial attorney. But great argument without evidence often results in a loss at summary judgment, directed verdict, verdict or on appeal. Evidence is what the jury uses in its deliberations and serves as the basis for appellate court decisions. As a trial attorney you must always be focused on developing persuasive evidence and effectively presenting that evidence to the jury in a way that is informative and easy to understand”.

Too many managers and companies send their sales people to the street with great presentations (argument), but great presentations without having first developed the persuasive “evidence” in the mind of the prospect (jury) to support the presentation often results in a loss or a hung jury that needs to “think it over.”

In reality, skid marks or no skid marks, lawyers and ethical, credible salespeople are walking the same side of the street.

Terry Ledden is Managing Partner of Sales AboutFace, authorized licensee of Sandler Training.

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