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by Terry Ledden

Top sales driven pros burn bridges every day that other salespeople work so hard to build.

Burn Bridges

Top sales driven pros burn bridges….. knowingly and intentionally.  If you knew there was no way back, no escape route, no fall back position how might that impact your commitment to make the current situation work?

Selling always involves some level of adversity, tough times.  To face tough times in selling you can’t afford to entertain doubts or give yourself an easy way out. You have to commit to moving forward and taking risks.

That means getting committed. You must be committed to yourself, your family, your prospect, your service, your product, and your profession – totally committed. You can’t get to second base with one foot on first.

One of the ways to solidify your commitment is to share it with others. Decide that your profession in sales is your last career stop. This is where you will spend your life. Don’t think, “Well if this doesn’t work, I’ll do something else.” Commit to your profession and stay with it!


 Bridges to burn

Bridge of Reliance

They burn the bridge of RELIANCE.  Most salespeople fall victim to relying on key customers for business instead of developing new ones. They rely on selling popular, easy-to-sell products to make their numbers instead of broadening their portfolio. Sales driven pros still take excellent care of key customers. The difference is that they burn the psychological reliance they have on those accounts which results in a behaviour of continuing to develop new accounts.

Bridge of Hope

Sales driven pros burn the bridge of HOPE.  Most salespeople sit in waiting hoping to get business from uncommitted prospects while smart management has risk adjusted and discounted their forecast to reflect the anticipated fallout. Many salespeople rest on the hope of hearing back from people they’ve contacted.  Sales driven pros burn the psychological bridge of hope which results in continued focus on future new business generation.

Bridge of Comfort.

Sales driven pros burn the bridge of COMFORT. Most salespeople settle in to time spent with their most comfortable accounts - industries. They sell the most comfortable products. They visit with the safest prospects. They settle for the easiest quota. Sales driven pros stretch the comfort zone. They trade the most comfortable in favour of the least comfortable. Therein lies growth, development and ever increasing expertise.

How do you rate?

As a sales driven pro, how do you rate yourself in terms of the number of bridges you’ve burned?

Terry Ledden is Managing Partner of Sales AboutFace Inc, an authorized licensee of Sandler Training. He can be reached at

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