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by Terry Ledden

Peruse any number of blogs, articles and sales development books and you are bound to see references to the theory that cold calling is dead. Uh, I don't think so, and here's why: 

Research - Sales people will often spend time researching a company before picking up the phone and dialing the prospect, and believe that this research process moves the call from "cold" to "warm".  Not true.  Having knowledge about the company does not make this call warm, at least not in the prospect's mind.  It's still a very cold call. 

Social Selling - Yes, savvy sales people meet and engage with their prospective customers in the online environment, whether through platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook or via blogs, polls and YouTube.  The prospect has the opportunity to learn a bit about you, however when you pick up the phone to ask if that prospect is interested in having a sales-based conversation with you, you are now making a cold call.  No doubt about it. 

Cold calling isn't dead at all, it's just that people like to play with the definition.  If you agree that successful business development depends on having a conversation with a prospective customer that you've not spoken to before, then we are of the same mind....cold calling lives on! 

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