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by Terry Ledden

Launching a career can be a daunting task.  Armed with a degree and three to four years of study, sweat, stress and strictness, graduates look into the future and commence with the job search.  Many business graduates look to the operational, financial and marketing areas of companies, but the sales office is avoided like the plague. Here is why graduates should avoid sales:

Connecting with Power;  Successful companies are built on a foundation of solid strategy, excellent product development and sound management practices.  However, if the product doesn't move, the company folds.  WIthout sales, the business will die.  Those who are successful in the sales arena are recognized for the contribution they make to the company, they gain the attention of senior management and the respect of leadership.  Not a bad way to start a career! 

Earning Power; Successful sales people manage their market, time and resources as though they were their own, leveraging their skills to make money for the company and for themselves.  Unlike other areas of business, sales is one of the few areas where compensation is usually tied to results.  The harder & smarter you work, the more money you make;   something worth considering as you move to pay down student debt and estabalish a firm financial foundation for your future. 

Power of Potential: Many a senior executive began their career in sales and were recognized for their results, propelling them into leadership positions within their industry.  Business people know that to be successful in sales requires disciplline, creativity, strong communication skills and a positive outlook.  These are all attributes that are desirable in other areas of an organization...including (and especially!) at the top.

So you should definitely avoid a career in sales if you don't like rubbing shoulders with those in a position of power and influence, if you are intimidated by having control over your earning potential and/or if you have little desire to move up in the business world.  

Not convinced?  If you are a recent grad, and think that perhaps a career in sales just might be for you, click here and check out The BRIDGE Program



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