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by Terry Ledden

We're often asked by sales leaders how they can better manage and influence their team's productivity on LinkedIn.  Here are 5 tips that will help to guide your coaching conversations with your team and position you as a savvy, social selling Director of Sales! 

Who's Looking At You? - View this section of the sales person's profile (you'll need to have the sales person scroll down on the right side of their profile as you do not have access to this section of somebody else's profile).  You are looking to see that there are in fact, people looking at the sales person's profile. Lack of activity here indicates that the sales person is ineffective on LinkedIn.  Make sure the people who are checking out the sales person are clients and/or prospective clients.  If this is not the case, then the sales person needs to be inviting more prospects to connect, posting to client-relevant Groups and engaging with prospects via LinkedIn messages where appropriate.  

Searches - Ask to see what searches the sales person has conducted.  Can you assist them by refining the criteria?  Are they using the "saved searches" function?  Discuss the strategy that is being applied once the searches are conducted and be prepared to probe for opportunities.  

Share an Update - Read the sales person's "Share an Update" stream. (You'll find this on their profile, under "Activity").  Are these updates relevant to the sales person's market?  If the updates are happening sporadically, agree on a frequency for this function.  Demonstrate your support for the sales person by sharing an appropriate update of theirs, with your LinkedIn connections.  At your sales meetings, mention the best update that has been posted by a team member over the past week.  

Leverage Connections - Collecting connections on LinkedIn is a good start, but don't let your team stop there!  Lead by example by reviewing your own LinkedIn connections and connecting an appropriate contact of yours with your sales person.  Is your sales person reviewing their connections and re-connecting with those they've not contacted lately?  Are they capitalizing on their connections....connections?  Discuss this strategy and how to best apply it in a professional manner.  

Time - Agree on a set amount of time to be spent on LinkedIn and the frequency of this discipline. Determine what you expect to be accomplished within this time frame.  If the sales person knows they have your support, they'll be less anxious about using this fantastic tool.  Have the sales person stick with this time frame;  when the time is up, move on, regardless of whether or not they have completed everything they set out to do.  With practice, they'll become more efficient and able to accomplish their LinkedIn objectives. 

Like all good coaches, it's best to catch your team doing something right, be clear with your expectations and lead by example. 

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