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By Terry Ledden


While there are several factors that contribute to success in the sales arena, there are five things you must have in order to maximize your potential and the results you achieve.

1. You must have a system

..... a process for identifying, qualifying, and developing selling opportunities. Pursuing anyone who expresses a casual interest in your product or service is a poor investment of your time and energy. Even pursuing only those who have a real interest but not the wherewithall to buy it or the ability to make a decision to buy, is a poor investment of resources. In order to obtain the greatest return on that investment, you must be able to systematically qualify opportunities quickly using measurable criteria.

2. You must have skill

...... to implement your system.  And, the most valuable skill is the ability to communicate: to get your point across, succinctly and meaningfully, using language appropriate to the situation; to ask meaningful questions that keep the conversation focused on topics essential to qualify the opportunity; and, to listen .... really listen to not only understand the content of what the other person is saying, but the intent of their words, as well.

3. You must have belief

...... in yourself, in your company, and in your product or service. Because you can do no more than what you believe you can do, you must believe in your ability to tackle the job at hand and succeed to whatever level your skill and tenacity will take you. You must believe in your company's intention to treat it's customers fairly and fulfill it's obligation it's obligations to them. And you must believe in the ability of your product or service to deliver to the customer the results promised.

4. You must have the desire to improve

...... even if you are at the top of your game. There's a saying in the aviation world, " A good pilot is always learning." The same concept is true in the sales world. A good salesperson is always learning ... to be more efficient and effective: identifying, qualifying, and developing opportunities; representing his or her company and serving customer

5. You must have 100% commitment

....... to doing the very best job you can, and to providing the best possible service to your customers, your colleagues, and others who depend on you. Your personal value is not measured by the size of your paycheck, but rather by the quality of service you provide to others. When you are committed to providing the best service you can .... all the people you touch benefit.

Terry Ledden is Managing Partner, Sandler Training located in Ottawa, Ontario celebrating 14 years in business accelerating the sales growth of dynamic and committed companies across Canada.


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