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by Terry Ledden

Eye to eye


Lots of salespeople hear the stalls, objections and barriers prospects put in the way of moving the process forward and see them simply as speed-bumps. Slow down. Navigate over or around and then re-apply the gas.

Can't blame them. They were taught well intentioned sales techniques on how to eliminate (overcome) stalls and objections.


Some are fancy sales moves while others are programmed responses.

Here's the thing .... honest, high integrity sales really is a conversation between equals and I don't know how you can memorize every possible response for every sales situation. On top of that, the prospect has usually heard these typical sales responses before and has been turned off by some fancy sales move.

When you really think about it, the only person qualified to address the stall or objection is the prospect. Ask the right questions, instead of presenting pre-prepared points to counter the prospects' statement. In reality, the objection the prospects puts out there is rarely the real objection.

Ask questions. Go down three levels. Get to the underlying reason WHY the prospect raised the issue or objection in the first place. You might be amazed to find out that the issue is completely different than what you were lead to believe ... and at that point you're dealing with "reality" and can talk it through as a conversation.

AND, remember, you set the expectation up front that there just might not in fact be a fit, right? So deal with the issue up front or walk away now.



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