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by Terry Ledden


Big discussion in our monthly Sandler Management program this morning regarding the frustration leaders experience when they send people to training and nothing changes. "I sent my people to 5 half day sessions on our new CRM, they still don't use it." "We paid all the expenses to send the team to our supplier's HQ to learn about the new version just launched .... and they're not selling it." "I trained my people on the new ROI calculator at our last Monday huddle and only two people are using it."

Sound familiar?

Here are six easy, high impact questions that must be addressed in advance of training that will drive the outcome you're looking for:

  1. PURPOSE - Define the purpose of the training, the WHY in front of the what.
  2. WHAT - What will I learn? (What's in it for the learner?)
  3. DO - What will I be able to do as a result? (More what's in it for the learner)
  4. WHERE - Where, when and how will the new skills be implemented? (How will this impact my routine - comfort zone)
  5. OTHERS - What impact will this have on other people, departments, the company? (More why)
  6. ME - How will you, the adult in charge, support and reinforce the training?

The big lesson learned for our group of senior managers and executives in the session this morning regarding the issue of non-adoption of training was number 6 ..... failure to support and reinforce the training by management.

Right or wrong, reality is that if management doesn't care enough to reinforce the training, perception is management doesn't really care about the outcome, it's level of importance ... and so why should I.

Follow the six steps. Give people the insight upfront regarding the significance of the training, what you expect as a result of the training and follow through with the right reinforcement.

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