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Sales AboutFACE, Inc. | Ottawa, ON

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Building the Sales Driven Organization

SalesDriver Executive Breakfast Series

January 25, 2018

(Sorry - Not for Salespeople)

Fee: $150

100% of fees donated to the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health



Sales professionals need a system that maps out a productive path for consistently pushing past limitations and targets. Are your sales being driven to success or taking a meandering route to mediocrity?

Explore a systematic approach to your business that consistently drives peak sales performance.


  • Why sales training doesn't work.
  • The Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques required for being a Sales Driven Organization.


  • The Strategies and tactics required to make the shift from HAPPENING TO MAKE IT to MAKING IT HAPPEN
  • The discipline and structure required to be a Sales Driven Organization and the importance of alignment.


  • Why hiring the right people matters most and the impact and cost of having the wrong people in the Sales Driven Organization.
  • The skills development required to stay ahead of the competition to maximize each opportunity.

Executive Takeways


  1. Key questions to ask your sales manager(s) to ensure they're doing everything needed to grow sales
  2. YOUR highest priority leadership actions to drive an immediate impact on:
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Higher competitive win rate while protecting margins
  • Financial predictability and forecast accuracy
  • Raising profit per sales employee
  • Elimination of "Free Consulting" .... investing valuable resources and expertise educating prospects with NO results



Jan 25th, 2018

7:30 - 9:30am



70 Bongard Ave. Ottawa (Off Merivale Rd south of Hunt Club)

The Workshop includes The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders: Forty-Nine Timeless Management Principles... and How to Apply Them book, continental breakfast and networking.

Terry Ledden

Terry Ledden has been an award winning Sales Enablement and Performance Consultant & Trainer since 1999.