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Sales AboutFACE, Inc. | Ottawa, ON

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Building the Sales Driven Organization

SalesDriver Executive Breakfast Series

January 26th, 2022

(This Event is NOT for Salespeople.  Tailored to CEO's, Executives and Owners)

Fee: $150.00 per person

100% of fees donated to the Ottawa Food Bank



Sales professionals need a system that maps out a productive path for consistently pushing past limitations and targets. Are your sales being driven to success or taking a meandering route to mediocrity?

Explore a systematic approach to your business that consistently drives peak sales performance.


  • Why sales training doesn't work.
  • The Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques required for being a Sales Driven Organization.


  • The Strategies and tactics required to make the shift from HAPPENING TO MAKE IT to MAKING IT HAPPEN
  • The discipline and structure required to be a Sales Driven Organization and the importance of alignment.


  • Why hiring the right people matters most and the impact and cost of having the wrong people in the Sales Driven Organization.
  • The skills development required to stay ahead of the competition to maximize each opportunity.

What is my Executive Takeaway?


Key questions to ask your sales manager(s) to ensure they're doing everything needed to grow sales.

YOUR highest priority leadership actions to drive an immediate impact on:

New customer acquisition;

Higher competitive win rate while protecting margins;

Financial predictability and forecast accuracy;

Raising profit per sales employee; and

Elimination of "Free Consulting"... investing valuable resources and expertise educating prospects with NO results.



Jan 26th, 2022

7:30 - 10:30am



70 Bongard Ave. Ottawa (Off Merivale Rd south of Hunt Club)



$150.00 (All money raised is being donated to Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health


The Workshop includes The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders: Forty-Nine Timeless Management Principles... and How to Apply Them book, continental breakfast and networking.

Presented by: Sandler Training - Ottawa Team

Terry Ledden - Spanning his 25+ year career in the professional sales consulting, training and performance development field, Terry Ledden has helped Software, IT, Transportation, Manufacturing, Telecom, Professional Services organizations drive significant and sustainable sales improvement.

In the early 2000's Terry turned his back on the traditional sales training industry operating on volume sales seminar delivery. His Sales AboutFace team works only with corporations and senior sales producers who have an unconditional commitment to sales growth and are willing to challenge the status quo in the interest of results.


Martin Rosene is in his dream role - combining his passion for international business and commerce and more than 25+ years of sales, customer service and leadership skill sets. His love of teaching and knowledge transfer makes him the ideal Sandler Training Associate and a gifted college and university professor.

He brings a strong business acumen with a huge amount of life experience when interacting with his customers, peers and team members. Martin has an endless supply of enthusiasm and energy and it reflects in his day to day lifestyle!

He is blessed with a gregarious and outgoing sense of humour!


Barbara Ariss brings to her clients 15+ years of professional customer care, sales and sales management experience within the telecom end-user environment..

Her past experience as a client care professional within the complex business to business telecom systems environment combined with her management background provides her clients with real input into the development of their front line customer support teams.

Barbara's success in outbound telesales and subsequent track record in sales management provide her with the hands-on sales experience our clients appreciate.

In addition to her client facing role, Barb runs the financial and operations side of the business.