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Sandler Enterprise Selling - New Intensive Monthly Program

Sandler’s Enterprise Selling (SES) program takes everything that’s made Sandler concepts so effective and elevated it to address the needs of organizations selling to enterprise clients. This highly strategic system will help you win business with profitable enterprise clients, serve them effectively and expand your relationship over time.

Join your enterprise sales counter-parts in our monthly program or contact us about a tailored program for your organization.

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Advanced registration now open for this program starting September 2016


CONTACT US for details and pricing or to inquire about a tailored, private program for your company.

Eight Unique Challenges in Enterprise Selling

Overcome the unique challenges of enterprise selling.

When compared to selling to small and medium-sized companies, enterprise clients present vastly different challenges. Do the following sound familiar to you and your sales team?

Advanced registration now taking place. CONTACT US for program details.

8 Unique Challenges in Enterprise Level Selling

  • Extended sales cycles. When selling to enterprise clients, the sales cycle can take months and, often, years.
  • Sophisticated competition. Your competition for enterprise business is likely to be sophisticated, strategically focused and relentless.
  • Significant financial investment. Pursuing an enterprise client requires a significant financial commitment as well as human, managerial and logistical resources.
  • Wide, diverse buyer networks. The buying centers of enterprise clients are comprised of a wide variety of functions including purchasing, accounting, marketing and legal. This, without question, makes the sales process more complex.
  • Cross-functional sales teams. Because buyer networks of enterprise clients encompass many functions, so should your sales team. Having corresponding representatives on your team will show the strength and substances enterprise clients demand.
  • Complex decision structures. In traditional selling, decisions are typically made quickly and based on price versus performance. In the enterprise world, however, the decision process can be complex, multi-layered and lengthy.
  • Diversified organization and footprint. Enterprise clients differ from small business entities in their complex structures, multiple business lines, complexity of portfolios, depth and breadth of markets served and globalization issues.
  • With the enterprise client, the business value of the solutions you develop and implement must be unassailable or winning their business will be impossible.