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Sales Talent Acquisition Management Process Workshop

Are the sales job interviews candidates do on you ending up being the best sales call they ever make?

Do you struggle with .....

  • Frustration over the amount of effort required to replace sales team members
  • Confusion and doubt in prioritization and final sales candidate selection
  • Disappointment over supposed strong sales hiring decisions gone wrong
  • Feeling held hostage by under performers due to the time, effort, risk and opportunity cost to replace those individuals
  • Conflict among team members as to “right choice” candidates
  • Anxiety over the time pressure to fill the position and the need to compromise on quality of hire

Take the guesswork out of your hiring decisions.

  • Attract higher quality candidates
  • Balance ATTITUDE and EXPERIENCE in your selection
  • Expose the hidden sales weaknesses that prevent peak performance
  • Bring science and objectivity into the selection process
  • Get beyond the "intellectual" level interview and road test your candidates in real time
  • Standardize your phone screening and face to face interviews
  • Stop wasting interview time with NO - LOW fit candidates


Sales Talent Acquisition Management Process Workshop

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